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If you are looking for a cost-effective way to insure your vehicle then one of your options is to buy cheap car insurance for 1 month. Annual auto insurance policies can be highly expensive and if you seldom drive your car, there is little need to spend lot of money.

StateCarInsuranceUsa can assist you in finding the cheapest monthly car insurance policy in accordance with your driving needs and budget.

When To Purchase A Low Cost 30 Day Car Insurance Policy?

You could consider buying a cheap 30 day car insurance coverage in some peculiar situations. Here is some important information relating to the same which you may find extremely useful.

  • You are expecting friends or guests at your place who are likely to stay for a month’s time and will be using your car to travel to several destinations within the city or outside. Public transportation system can be expensive and so can be getting a vehicle on lease.
  • Your existing auto insurance policy imposes certain driver restrictions and you will need additional coverage for extra drivers. Typically, 1 month car insurance covers can provide coverage for two temporary drivers who can drive your vehicle for up to a month’s time period. The premium charged could be highly affordable.
  • If you aren’t using your car too often, you can think of buying 30 day auto insurance policy. It can be a good option to an annual car insurance cover. Such a proposition could be particularly ideal for you if you are away from your home most of the time.
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Buy Cheap 1 Month Car Insurance and Reap 3 Vital Benefits

  • Flexible insurance

    With our expert online assistance, you can get car coverage for a period ranging from 1 hour to 30 days.

  • Instant coverage

    The process is fast and coverage will begin immediately after you have paid premium amount by cash or credit card.

  • Build No Claims Bonus

    It is possible to build no claims bonus with our 30 day auto insurance cover subject to some eligibility conditions.

  • Compare Insurance

    Get your car fully insured for a period ranging from 1 day to 30 days. The option is flexible and cheap as compared to getting an annual auto insurance cover.

Benefit By Buying StateCarInsuranceUsa 30 Day Car Insurance

The main advantage of purchasing car insurance for 30 days is that such coverage is much cheaper than buying a daily auto insurance policy. Besides, if you don’t really need an annual cover, low cost month long car insurance could be your best alternative as it enables saving precious dollars.

Insurers that work with us also pay reimbursement of legal expenses as part of the policies provided. And if you buy a standalone policy, the no claims bonus discount will not be affected even when you file claim.

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Situations in Which You May Need 30 Day Car Insurance Cover

  • Temporary drivers – There could be a situation where in your relative or friend borrows your car for up to a month’s time period. While you can add names of new drivers to your current policy but the proposal may prove to be expensive. Short term 30 day coverage can fill the gap.
  • Purchasing new car – Having a 30 day insurance car cover could be desirable after you have purchased a new car but are yet to finalize annual coverage. The annual policy may require some time to begin and during the waiting period, a temporary 30 day policy may seem to be of great help.
  • Driving for holiday – When you are out to enjoy vacation by road with your family members or friends, driving can be stressful and that can lead to things going wrong suddenly. And situations can turn worrisome if you are abroad and intend to drive car. 30 day auto insurance can reduce your worries.
  • Borrowing a vehicle – If you borrow car from a friend or relative for a month’s time, it can put some extra pressure on you while driving it. A better idea is to get the vehicle insured temporarily for a 30 day period and enjoy peace of mind. The coverage will grant total protection.

3 Major Reasons for Buying One Month Car Insurance Policy

You may have your own reason for buying cheap 1 month car insurance plan. However, most of the people prefer getting short term car coverage for the below mentioned reasons.

  • Visitors or guests, who are on an extended stay, may need to drive your car as it provides them with the convenience to travel at their leisure. In addition, driving your car saves them money that will otherwise be needed to be spent on public or private local transportation costs.
  • At times, annual car insurance policies may restrict number of drivers covered. In such a situation, having monthly auto insurance coverage may be worthwhile as it will cover two drivers.
  • Many car owners drive their vehicles occasionally as most of the time they are away from their home. Such category of drivers may find a low cost 30 day vehicle insurance coverage ideal for their specific driving needs and budget.

Here’s An Alternative Reason to Buy 30 Day Insurance for Car

There could be yet another situation which may prompt you to get 30 day auto insurance cover. For example, you may not own a car but need to borrow one from a close friend or relative for up to a month’s time. If so is the case with you then you must buy valid coverage as per law to drive the borrowed car legally on road. And to secure 30 day car coverage, companies might not even run credit checks for assessing risks. Thus, you have the chance to get instant and adequate vehicle coverage without spending too much money.

Know How Car Insurance Premiums Are Calculated By Insurers

Like other policies, premiums charged for car insurance 1 month policy could depend on a number of factors. These include your age, gender, type and make of vehicle, your past driving record, etc. In addition, there could be few things which you can do on your own to ensure that your driving slate is clean. Majority of the insurers provide special premium discount to safe as well as responsible drivers.

There might be some other parameters that can impact your ability to qualify for a low premium as well. New cars can be expensive to insure than older vehicles and young inexperienced drivers will be charged more as compared to senior as well as experienced drivers with good driving histories. Similarly, SUVs and luxury sedans will attract higher premiums than cars with less powerful engines. But cars with variety of safety features will qualify for premium discount from most insurers.

Why Should You Opt For Buying A 1 Month Car Insurance Policy?

With car insurance 30 days policy, you only need to pay for coverage which you actually require. This makes the proposal flexible and gives buyers better value for their money. In addition, premiums for annual auto insurance policies could be substantially higher as compared to short term car insurance covers.

You can get 30 days car insurance with comprehensive coverage in the shortest possible time and the solution can be perfect for drivers or car owners who drive cars less frequently. The online process to get fast short term car coverage is easy, simple and hassle-free. Get your quote today!

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